Home Protection Plans

homprotecTHE FOLLOWING HOME PROTECTION PLAN ARE AVAILABLE; Standard: “Prevention is better than cure” this economical plan aims to protect your house from common pests throughout the year. It consists of two treatments with residual on exterior perimeter of your house for elimination of ants and other common bugs; one treatment in spring and the other in fall plus keeping mice bait stations in garage, main floor and basement to protect your House from bugs and mice with exterior inspections – 2 mandatory visits per year. Premium: This plan will give you full protection round the year. In addition to two treatments with residual, not only on perimeter but on all above ground places to protect you from spiders and cluster flies etc. For rodents we will not only treat the interior of the house but will also place exterior bait stations to avoid any inside infestation by rodents. These exterior bait stations will be checked quarterly. Of course we will also do the exterior inspections to point out the entry points of rodents if any – 4 mandatory visits per year. For Further Details Please Call Us: 647-505-4900