Bed bugs are very small 3-5mm, reddish-brown, flattened, oval- shaped, wingless insects which feed on human and other animals blood. They are nocturnal and therefore, become active at night when they bite they also inject a chemical in human body which may cause pain and rashes on the skin. They not only cause discomfort by skin rashes but also do not let you sleep peacefully at night so you cannot perform your work properly the following day. While sleeping when you kill them by slapping (a reflex action) you can see blood stains on your bed sheet and pillow cases in morning. Bedbugs can live for more than 6 months without food are considered the hardest pest to control; only a very thorough preparation and comprehensive pesticide treatments can eliminate them, therefore, only a knowledgeable, experienced and expert technician can do the right job for bedbugs.


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