Termites moved into Toronto in 1938 and were first discovered at the harbour on Cherry Street. They likely cruised over from the US.

Termites have moved into some of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods, including LeslievilleLittle Italy and along the Danforth. As bidding wars have driven up downtown property prices, termites have expanded their homes to the suburbs. Damage caused by termites is NOT covered by most home insurance policies, so homeowners need to take pre-cautionary measures.

Termites are usually found where there is wood to soil contact (for example, your garage), in damp basements and in badly constructed crawlspaces.Termites live in colonies and rarely expose themselves to open air, so you aren’t likely to spot a termite. They hide in mud tunnels, wood or soil and build their nests in the ground. They thrive in high moisture environments and build shelter tubes to provide transportation to food.

It’s better to know you have termites than to bury your hand in the sand – and not just because that sand may have termites in it. There are a variety of treatment options out there – and the sooner you get your house treated, the less permanent damage they can do.

Treatment generally involves termiticide being injected 3- 4 feet into the soil along all exterior walls, as well as treating the foundation walls and the interior basement floors and walls. Post treatment, you can have a warranty of one year . If your neighbour is treating their Toronto house for termites, get ready for some unexpected guests – you’ll probably want to treat your house too. For inspection and Treatment of Termites Call;

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